Enhance forecasting with big data

Enhance forecasting with big data

2 november 2016

On October 18, Loek Lemmens and Joost Rongen from EyeOn’s Forecast Services hosted an interactive masterclass at LogiMed Berlin, the largest event in Europe for supply chain leaders from top medical device manufacturers. In their session the opportunities of connecting big data to supply chain planning and forecasting processes got addressed.

Key insights from the workshop:

  • Healthcare chains are changing: more dynamic, more connected, more ‘omni’ channel
  • Increasing need in Supply Chain Management to sense, understand & predict end-user behavior
  • A continous flow of big data is getting available to enhance forecasting & SC planning processes
  • Advanced analytics, omni-planning & forecast processes & data scientist skills are key success factors
  • Start today by getting the maximum out of current data and materialize benefits in
    – Segmentation
    – Forecasting & demand management
    – Inventory management
  • Enhance processes step by step using big data

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